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Off to Dreamland, aka Sleep Tight!

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My article on the importance of a good night’s sleep was published by Life Positive in their January 2013 issue:

Punishing schedules and packed timetables can play havoc with our sleep. We might ignore this, but this has serious consequences for our well-being

If there’s one thing we hated as kids, it was being told to go to bed. It’s funny how most of us can easily look back to a time when we’d actually rebel against sleeping. Unfortunately, as the years go by and the responsibilities pile on, the reverse becomes true – we’d like to get more sleep, but there’s work to be done and places to be.

Packed schedules and stressful lifestyles have contributed to what’s often considered an epidemic of insomnia. We spend most of the day working, come back home, turn on the TV, and drift off to an uneasy sleep, waking up the next day feeling tired and groggy. There’s also a reverse effect at work here –Some of us look at sleep as ‘something for the weak’ and pride ourselves on needing just a couple of hours each night.

What we don’t realise is that a lack of sleep – or rather, a lack of quality sleep – has a deleterious effect on our systems. You might look at sleep as ‘resting’ time for your body but that would be understating it quite a bit. Sleep’s more than just giving ourselves a break – it’s necessary for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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Time Marches On

My article on time management was published in the January 2012 issue of Management Compass. An excerpt is published here and the complete article can be viewed at:


Time management’s not just about maximising your free time. It’s also about ensuring that commitments are met, that your priorities are in order, and that the stress on you is reduced to the bare minimum. It’s a way of maximising your working – and relaxing – efficiency. You’ll still have to study, of course, but pacing yourself over the academic year will ensure that come exam-time, you’ll be relaxed and unhurried. Mess this up, and the price could be confusion, panic, and an inability to perform well.