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Belt tighteners

Need help burning that festive season flab, but watching your shrinking budget even more closely than your ever-expanding waistline? That excuse won’t do any longer with these cheap-and-cheerful fitness trackers…

You’ll find my comparison of the Mi Band fitness tracker and the Google Fit app in the January 2015 issue of Stuff India. Want the TLDR version? They’re both pretty good but the Mi Band wins by a hair’s breadth!

Low-cost fitness trackers reviewed

“…Let’s just say a fitness tracker’s a bit like that expensive DSLR you got on your last birthday. Sure, it does open up a whole new world of exciting photography, but do you actually make use of it? Odds are that instead of making you the next Henri Cartier-Bresson, the DSLR sits unloved, its soul dying a bit each time it’s dragged out to take party snaps and then locked up again.

That’s the story of a fitness tracker. In all likelihood, once you
get past the initial spurt of enthusiasm, you’ll end up ignoring
it like a 6am alarm on a Sunday morning. That’s why you can’t go
wrong trying out either the Mi Band, which is cheaper than a night
on the town, or the Google Fit app,which doesn’t cost you a dime….”


Diggin’ up the Weekend, or, I build the Lego Technic Volvo Loader

Love tech and gadgets? Then you’ll love Stuff India Magazine. Packed with the coolest tech this side of an alien space station, it’s a must-read for anyone who can’t wait for the future to just get here already.  Yup, it’s the coolest job in the world and I get to play with all sorts of amazing kit. And back in November I spent a weekend building an awesome Lego Technic kit – the L350 Volvo loader. Take a look, hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did building it. And when yer done, head over to Stuff.tv/in for more of the best gear around!



“… Firing on all cylinders
Elapsed Time: 06:45
The going seems to have gotten easier. How much easier? A lot – it was at least an hour ago that I last contemplated running away to join a Himalayan monastery. In Technic terms, that’s pretty good. But all that’s behind me as with the engine block installed, the set seems over halfway built. The pistons look rather neat all lined up in the engine, but I’ve found something else that’s just as amazing:  Running your hand through a stonking big pile of Lego has to be one of the most soothing experiences this side of a spa vacation…

… Dig, baby, dig!
Elapsed Time: 10:30
Can’t find a very critical brick that’s the last one left of its type. My heart sinks as I ponder the futility of life. Wait, found it! If there ever was a time to dance a merry jig, this is it. The relief I feel is akin to that of a diver’s upon encountering a shark that somehow turns out to be a vegetarian. The final section is probably the hardest – assembling the boom arms, fitting the actuators, and affixing the bucket can be quite tricky and requires a decent bit of dexterity and patience. But we’re finally done! Time to snap on the giant wheels, pop some batteries into the remote, and then it’s off to the front lawn for a spot of earthmover mayhem….