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Jamie stared at the wall wondering if he should climb over. Of course, the starving Dobermans heading his way at 40mph made the whole question rather irrelevant. But our man Jamie, he was a man of ideals – it wouldn’t do to jump a wall simply because of what were in essence, overgrown puppies with big teeth. Damn it, he finally thought, I’m hungry. And the closest Subway was just over the wall. And so he jumped. Not in the elegant way a trapeze artist would be proud of. But exactly in the manner of a man who finds a hungry dog attached to his posterior. Standing up on the other side, he dusted himself. Feeling relieved that the hungry canis familaris had taken a bite of just his alligator-skin wallet and not his derriere, Jamie turned towards the Subway. And stopped, the blood draining from his face. He staggered, nearly falling over as he took the sight in. The Subway was gone. And in its place, was a McDonalds…

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